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Beijing ZhongAnTaiHua Technology Co., Ltd. (ZATH) is a leading company in the field of orthopedic medical devices. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has focused on the design, manufacture, and sale of innovative orthopedic products. With over 300 dedicated employees, including nearly 100 senior and medium technicians, ZATH possesses a strong ability in research and development, ensuring the production of high-quality and cutting-edge medical devices.
One of the key strengths of ZATH is its commitment to R&D and innovation. The company invests a significant amount of resources in developing new technologies and improving existing ones. This strong ability in R&D allows ZATH to stay at the forefront of the industry and continuously deliver innovative orthopedic solutions to meet the evolving clinical demands.
ZATH specializes in various orthopedic areas, including joint replacement, spine fixation and fusion, trauma locking plate and intramedullary nail, and sports medicine. In each of these fields, the company offers a wide range of products that cater to the specific needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Company Advantage

One notable aspect of ZATH's offerings is its expertise in 3D-printing and customization. By leveraging advanced technology, the company can create personalized medical devices that perfectly fit individual patients. This customization not only enhances the effectiveness of the treatments but also improves patient comfort and overall satisfaction.

With a comprehensive range of orthopedic solutions, ZATH aims to address the diverse clinical demands of healthcare facilities and practitioners. The company's products are designed to provide effective treatments, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall quality of care.

In addition to its commitment to innovation and high-quality products, ZATH also places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company strives to establish long-term partnerships with healthcare providers, offering ongoing support and ensuring the successful implementation of its orthopedic solutions.

To sum up, Beijing ZhongAnTaiHua Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned company in the orthopedic medical devices industry. With a large team of dedicated employees, a strong ability in R&D and innovation, a specialization in various orthopedic areas, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ZATH continues to provide comprehensive orthopedic solutions to meet the evolving clinical demands.

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ZATH owns over 200 sets of manufacturing facilities and testing devices, including 3D metal printer, 3D biomaterials printer, automatic five-axis CNC processing centers, automatic slitting processing centers, medical mask machine, automatic milling composite processing centers, automatic trilinear coordinate measuring machine, all-purpose testing machine, automatic torsion torque tester, automatic imaging device, metalloscopy and hardness tester.

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Corporate Mission

Relieve patients' disease suffering, recover motor function and improve life quality.

Provide comprehensive clinical solutions and high quality products and services to all health workers.

Contribute to medical device industry and society.

Offer career development platform and welfare for employees.

Create value for shareholders.

Service And Development

For distributors, sterilization package can save the sterilization fee, reduce the stock cost and increase inventory turnover, in order to help ZATH and its partners can both grow better, and provide a better service to surgeons and patients worldwide.

Through over 10 years’ rapid development, ZATH’s orthopedic business has covered the whole Chinese market. We established sales network in every province of China. Hundreds of local distributors sell ZATH products into thousands of hospitals, among of which many are top orthopedic hospitals in China.


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Vice President Unit of China 3D Printing Medical Devices Committee

And meanwhile, ZATH products have been introduced into dozens of countries in Europe, Asia Pacific area, Latin American area and African area, etc., and well recognized by our partners and surgeons. In some countries, ZATH products have already become the most popular orthopedic brands.

ZATH will, as always keep market-oriented mind, make its mission to the human being’s health, continuously improve, be innovative and make efforts to build prosperous future jointly.